I offer piano lessons to students of any age and any level, young beginners to advanced.

My Approach:

Students learn best when they enjoy and are excited about the work they do, so I bring a lot of positive energy to my lessons.

I keep the talk to a minimum. Lessons are not a lecture. My attitude is that students won't learn how to play piano by talking about it. I reinforce everything I teach by having the student constantly try out new things on the piano.

My primary goal is to bring out a student's innate musicality, often coaching them as they play, or having students sing along with the piano, and in other cases introducing eurythmic activities to help students internalize the music.

Students will learn how to play with a healthy coordinate technique. The actual playing of piano is a physical activity, and students need to be trained how to properly and effectively play with speed and ease and without strain. I am a student of the Taubman Approach to piano playing and am in the Golandsky Institute's teacher certification program (golandskyinstitute.org). The Taubman Approach teaches piano technique based on principles of coordinate movement and is by far the most comprehensive and effective approach to technique ever developed.

I have high standards for my students. My teaching is thorough and I give clear and understandable directions. Any student who has a positive attitude and good practice habits will meet my expectations.

I give productive and affirming feedback. Piano lessons are as much about enjoying and taking pride in what you do as they are about improving and growing as a musician.

What Students Can Expect:

Beginner students will be playing simple piano tunes within the first few weeks. Beginners can expect to be proficient in reading elementary level piano music within 3 months. Lessons will be fast paced, fun, and light-hearted, and will also feature rhythm, aural skills, music theory, and improvisation/composition training for some.

I will help Intermediate level students choose appropriate repertoire for themselves, and guide them in the learning process. In addition to repertoire, technique will be emphasized - often through the practice of scales, arpeggios, and technical exercises. Music theory proficiency and good practice habits are indispensable at this level.

Advanced students can expect to fine-tune their technique in order to reach a high level of virtuosity. They will excel in their musicianship by focusing on the varied subtleties of musical expression. Consistent, frequent, and effective practice will be crucial to success at this stage.

A sample of topics covered in lessons:

  • Piano Repertoire
  • Piano Technique
  • Piano Musicianship
  • Rhythm
  • Music Theory
  • Aural Skills
  • Sight Reading
  • Functional Keyboard Skills
  • Music History
  • Style & Performance Practice
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Stage Presence

To ask questions or schedule a complimentary first meeting, please contact me at:

Phone: 618-978-1057

Email: [email protected]